Of course we also want to introduce you to our most important team member:

Jochen der Rochen (Jochen the Ray)!

Our mascot is always with us - for our international students in Kiel as well as for other ESN sections in Germany he is practically a celebrity. Just come to our events to finally meet Jochen!
Jochen is not just any mascot but a truly unique creature: after we agreed as a team that our mascot should be a ray called Jochen we started to put it into practice. Our wonderful member Christina started making suggestions and sewing first drafts. Many working hours later, Jochen was finally finished and has been enjoying his life at ESN Kiel ever since. 

You want to know where Jochen has been? We have kept a diary and have prepared a list of his greatest adventures for you:

  • Every day life of a ray in Kiel 
  • Trip to Lübeck 
  • ESN Event in Hamburg 
  • ESN Event in Brunswick
  • ESN Event in Dresden
  • ESN Event in Karlsruhe
  • ESN Event in Munich
  • ESN Event in Utrecht
  • ESN Kiel Trip in Copenhagen
  • Spreebreak in Berlin
  • Local Platform in Kiel


But as we all know pictures say more than thousand words: