Your Questions about Corona

How is ESN Kiel handling physical events during times of Corona?

Even though there are strict rules for every kind of event in Germany, we are tryint to offer a program, which takes said guidelines under consideration, but also gives the international students a chance to interact with each other and German students. We have our own hygiene concept, which is binding for every event and is constantly updated. If you want to have a look at it before the event, just ask us here.

What is ESN Kiel offering if physical events are prohibited?

If we can ́t offer any physical events due to new guidelines, we will offer weekly online events, such as Game or Quiz Nights. Those events will be held on our own Discord Server or options will be made public if we need them and can be found on this website and our Social Media channels.

What can I do if I had contact with someone who is infected?

You can either call your doctor (if you have one in Kiel) or the following number: 116 117 (Ärztlicher Bereitschaftsdienst). After talking to the person you called, it will be decided if you have to do a Corona test and / or quarantine yourself.

What do I do if I get a positive test result?

Stay home and quarantine yourself! The Gesundheitsamt will contact and discuss further steps with you. If your symptoms are mild, you need to stay at home and are not allowed to leave your house. If your health situation gets worse, you have to go to the hospital, where you ́ll get further treatment.

Important Information

This is ment to be an overview over some questions that our international students keep on asking. This is of course not everything you need to know about the current situation! Please have a look on these pages as often as possible: 

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