Our history

Even though our story is still relatively short, we would like to share it with you. It all started in spring 2019: Yannick, our president, decided during his Erasmus semester to found an ESN section in Kiel as well and contacted the International Center of Kiel University. They sent an e-mail to all the students who might be interested in joining. In April 2019, we all met for the first time and founded our ESN section. We started our work as a university group named Kiel International Student Organisation (KISO). Since October 2019 we are also a registered association. After becoming an ESN Candidate Section in June 2019, we reached our first big goal in January 2020: we are now officially called ESN Kiel. This hasn't changed our tasks that much - but it is always helpful to be part of such a big network. The most important information for you concerning ESN Germany and ESN International can be found on the corresponding pages. In Kiel we work together with the International Centers of the three universities in Kiel to reach as many international students as possible. 

Our work

You have always beenwondering what ESN Kiel actually does? Here you will find the answers to your questions!

Our goal is to bring international students and local students together. It is important for us to say that everyone is welcome! We try to make sure that the international students in Kiel have an unforgettable time by giving them advice and support. Most of our work is to organize events. They range from city tours, bowling, visits to retirement homes, quiz nights, pub crawls, day trips to weekend trips. But we also always try to answer all the questions of our international students. Especially at the beginning of their stay in Kiel, there is a lot to organize, so we support the international students and are a link between the students and the International Centers. If you have been to an Erasmus semester yourself, you may also have experienced that it can be difficult to get in touch with local students. By participating in our events, the Internationals get to know us, about 20 local students. In addition, we also promote our events to local students and are happy about their participation. 

But we also support our outgoings. On the one hand, we can contact the respective sections with any questions or simply share our experiences before their semester abroad. If you enjoyed your semester abroad so much that you regret it's already over, then you're here at the right place again. When friends and family can't hear your stories anymore, we still have a sympathetic ear to our former outgoings. The former outgoings are often happy to take part in our events in order to establish a language tandem with internationals from the respective country. 

Students in Kiel, who are still unsure whether an Erasmus semester is the right decision, are also at the right address with us. We can tell you about our own experiences or pass on helpful contacts. But also for students who do not want to do an Erasmus semester we can arrange contact with students from other countries through our events. 

In addition to our work here in Kiel, we put our heart and soul into ESN Germany. We go to network meetings, exchange information with other sections or organise trips together with other sections. And we also have to do the background work: Social media, finances, team building, recruiting and much more. So as you can see: we never get bored!