ESN International is the umbrella organisation for all ESN sections. With more than 500 other sections we share international partners, statutes and values. We regularly gather in different assemblies not only to discuss the future of the ERASMUS Student Network but also to have a good time networking and learning from each other to improve our local activities and offers. ESN International as an organisation takes care of advocacy towards international institutional and commercial partners, the connection the national organisations of ESN such as ESN Germany as well as the coordination of activities and projects concerning all or a majority of the sections.
You can find more detailed information about ESN International below and on their website

International Board

The International Board (IB) of ESN together with its committees is in charge of the administration and advancement of the network and they represent the network towards partners. The IB is elected annually for a term of office of one year.
Below you can find a picture of the current International Board.

ESN Germany National Board

ESN countries and Local Sections

ESN International 42 countries and 535 local sections all over Europe. All local ESN sections share the values of ESN and, in general, work in a similar manner. Nonetheless every section has their own specialties often influenced by their respective region or city. Below you can find a geographical overview of the ESN countries.
An overview of all ESN countries and local sections can be found here:

ESN Germany Local Sections Map

International Events

ESN International also is in charge of organising regular international events including the General Assembly (GA) which is the highest decision-making body of the organisation where representatives of all national organisations gather and e.g. decide on changes in the statutes. The Council of National Representatives (CNR) is meant to prepare proposals for GA and to work on ideas to advance the network. The Erasmus Generation Meeting (EGM) ist the event where all local sections gather to spend time in a more informal manner. No decisions can be taken there but instead there will be a lot of workshops and possibilities to connect with ESNers from all over the world.