ESN Germany is the umbrella organisation for all German ESN sections. With the 38 other sections we share national partners, statutes and values. We regularly gather in National Assemblies not only to discuss the future of the ERASMUS Student Network in Germany and Europe but also to have a good time networking and learning from each other to improve our local activities and offers. ESN Germany as an organisation takes care of advocacy towards national institutional and commercial partners, the connection between the local sections and the international level of ESN as well as the coordination of activities and projects concerning all or a majority of the sections.
You can find more detailed information about ESN Germany below and on their website

National Board

The National Board (NB) of ESN Germany together with its National Committees is in charge of the administration and advancement of the network in Germany and they represent the network towards national partners and the international level of ESN. The NB is elected annually for a term of office of one year.
Below you can find the different board positions and their current holders.

ESN Germany National Board

Local Sections

ESN Germany consists of 39 local sections all over Germany. All local ESN sections share the values of ESN and, in general, work in a similar manner. Nonetheless every section has their own specialties often influenced by their respective region or city. Below you can find a geographical overview of the sections (Saarbrücken is still missing).
A link to a list of all sections’ websites is the following:

ESN Germany Local Sections Map

National Events

ESN Germany also is in charge of organising regular national events including the National Assembly which is the highest decision-making body of the organisation where all the local sections gather and the Spree Break, ESN Germany’s annual national event for the international students with about 1000 participants each year.

National Assembly (NA)

Three times a year all the German ESN sections gather in the National Assembly, ESN Germany’s highest decision-making body. For three to four days delegates of the sections discuss about changes in the statutes and, not only by that, the future of the network. They learn from each other in various workshops and presentation and elect the national board as well as additional positions within the national level. The NA is always hosted and organised by a local section which cares for the accomodation, plenary facilities and social program for up to more than 100 participants. Apart from the learning possibilities, the NAs are also a chance to get to know other ESNers, to meet old friends from previous events and to share memorable weekends in an open-minded and comfortable environment.
Below you can see a photo of all the participants of the National Assembly in January 2020 in Munich.

ESN Germany National Assembly Munich 2020

Spree Break

The Spree Break is the national Erasmus event of ESN Germany. About 1000 international students and ESNers in total from all local sections meet in Berlin for an unforgettable weekend of cultural activities as well as two nights out in Berlin’s famous club scene. The highlight of the event is the flag parade in the heart of Berlin with all the participants celebrating “Unity in Diversity” in a colorful multitude of flags.
You can get an impression of the flag parade with the photo below.

ESN Germany Spree Break Berlin 2019