What is the ERASMUS+ program?

You are convinced and want to go abroad? Great! The ERASMUS+ program is especially good for this. It allows you to study or do internships in a European country for up to 12 months.

The ERASMUS program was created in 1987 to promote the possibility of mobility in education within Europe. Every year, up to two million students can study at a foreign university or do internships abroad under this program. However, other people, for example lecturers or university staff, can also participate.

There are no tuition fees to be paid abroad and a monthly cost of living allowance is paid to the students who are studying abroad. At the same time, the so-called Learning Agreement ensures that your achievements from abroad are recognized at your home university - your semester abroad does not interrupt your studies! Furthermore, you will be provided with a free online language course in the language of the host country so that you can start your semester abroad well prepared.

There are also other support programs and scholarships, such as the PROMOS program or the scholarships from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). You can also find information about funding options on the website of the CAU International Center. By the way, you can continue to receive child benefit and Bafög (student loan) abroad if you are entitled to it in Germany.

Who can participate in the ERASMUS+ program?

The ERASMUS+ program is aimed at young students, lecturers and employees of the university who want to study, work, or do internships abroad.

How can I apply for an ERASMUS+ scholarship?

The best way to do so is to visit the website of the CAU International Center. There you will also find a guide, which explains step by step how to proceed.  In general, you can apply for an Erasmus semester in the cities with which your department cooperates. Therefore, you should first talk to the ERASMUS representative of your department. After that, you should apply to the International Center within the deadlines and, after acceptance, to your host university. After that, nothing stands in the way of your semester abroad!

If you would like to find out what other students' experiences there before you were like, you can also refer to the experience reports that the International Center publishes on OLAT. This way you can get an impression of the life there and get one or two useful tips!

You are also welcome to contact us if you would like to learn more about a particular host country! Most of us have already spent at least one semester abroad, for example in England, Finland, France, Spain, etc... So don’t hesitate to ask! You can contact us via e-mail, Instagram, Facebook, or our contact form.